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North Carolina Salt in My Soul & AMR Panel Event

Salt in My Soul is the story of Mallory Smith, a writer and environmental journalist who lived with cystic fibrosis for 25 years and ultimately lost her life after a 10-year battle against antibiotic resistant infections.

On August 4th, the Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease hosted a lunch and discussion to learn more about Mallory’s journey and the policy opportunities to advance solutions that can help others facing similar and urgently mounting challenges of antimicrobial resistance.

Event Agenda:

  • Welcome from IQVIA

  • Diane Shader Smith, Mother of Mallory Smith, Author & Cystic Fibrosis Advocate on the Role of Storytelling in Political Advocacy

  • Guided Discussion led by PFID’s Candace DeMatteis and including perspectives from:

    • Kevin Outterson, Professor, Boston University

    • Diane Shader Smith

    • Tori Kinamon, Patient & Student, Duke University Medical School

    • Nicole Khor, Cystic Fibrosis Patient & Advocate

    • Joe Larsen, Vice President, Clinical Development, Locus Biosciences

    • Dr. Felicia Ruffin, Duke University Medical System


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