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Helping Families Make Informed Decisions for Their Children

Updated June 21, 2022

As younger age groups become eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations, the Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease remains committed to sharing accurate information so that families can make informed decisions about the available vaccines based on trusted, scientific data.

We recognize that some parents and guardians may have questions before committing to having their kids get vaccinated. That is why we are sharing information from this helpful chart to help families better understand what vaccines are available for their children depending on their ages.

In addition to this chart, there are a few important points to highlight for families considering vaccinations for their children. Even though children are at a lower risk of getting seriously ill with COVID-19 compared to adults, the CDC emphasizes that COVID-19 cases in children can make them very sick and result in hospitalizations, long-term complications or even deaths. Children can also still spread COVID-19 to others.

It is also important to note that the available vaccines are safe and effective, having undergone a comprehensive and intense safety monitoring program. Moreover, the CDC continues to monitor the safety of all COVID-19 vaccines after the vaccines are authorized or approved for use.

Parents and guardians should speak with a pediatrician to learn more about the vaccines and to get their questions answered. They can also check back here on the PFID website where we have an FAQ page and dedicated page to COVID-19 vaccines.

Getting more people – including children – vaccinated is the best way to bring an end the pandemic.


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