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Antimicrobial resistance does not discriminate, it is a health threat that impacts us all and the time for action is now.

The Partnership to Fight Infectious Disease (PFID) welcomes organizations to lend their voices in raising awareness of the increasing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that undermines medical care by limiting our ability to cure infections. 

Please join us as we explore and advance solutions to address the threats of AMR and the need for new antimicrobial treatments. We can all find a way to help raise awareness of these important issues and the need for change.


Follow @ThePFID on Twitter and on LinkedIn and help us create an echo chamber for change.


Raise awareness about the steps that we can all take to help address the threat of AMR, from patients and physicians to insurers and policymakers.


Better educate people at risk, providers, caregivers, policymakers, and all other stakeholders, on the significant impact of AMR and the threats it poses.


Advocate for policy changes that will foster a sustainable environment for more effective and accessible treatment innovations. 

We need and welcome your help to make a difference against AMR.

By signing on as a PFID partner, your organization will be part of an active forum to inform and amplify ideas and concerns relating to AMR. Partnership will also include invitations to special events, regular updates about PFID and AMR-related activities with opportunities to engage, access to intel on AMR-related policy proposals and opportunities to help shape them.

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